Jerich is a 16 year old student who solved his first cube in 2013 and attended his first competition in early 2015. He has been an active member of the WCA community and has a personal record competition average of 8.9 seconds. You can find his WCA profile here. Jerich was the 2018 summer intern for The Cubicle, and it is here where he credit many of the fundamental business lessons and ideals he carries today. Besides Jerich’s appreciation for speedcubing and developing, he is a passionate powerlifter and can be found at the local gym. He has a strange affinity towards squatting, and has a personal record of 385lb for a one rep max lift. He is an active member of the cubing subgroup “Weak Bois”, a small community of powerlifting cubers. You can find them on instagram @weak.bois.